Covarelli Music Services

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About Covarelli Music Services
  Covarelli Music Services offers the finest DJ's in the area. Whether you're having a Wedding, Party, or just getting a bunch of friends together to "Tear It Up" you will find that our Library of over 100.000 songs (and growing daily) will make it easy to find those "Special" tunes that make your event "Personal".
  From the THUMP of the sub woofers to the great collection of lights and smoke, we can customize your party to suit your taste.
  We are completely accessible to brides and their entourage to make sure all of your special songs are played and all ceremonial needs are met. 
  CMS has been doing weddings for several years and will work closely with Wedding Coordinators, Photographers and Caterers to guarantee everything goes smoothly. We will do all announcing required and even help out with toasts.

Live/DJ Services
  A totally unique service of CMS is our "Live/DJ Service" which combines Live Music with DJ Services. You can have Live Guitar, Piano, Accordion (Instrumental or with Vocals) for the ceremony, or during any other part of your wedding. This adds a much more "Personal Touch" to your special day.

  Let "Covarelli Music Services" make you special day a memorable one!