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Upcoming Shows
​August 27-28 I'll be playing a duo with Nancy Barker @        Carson Valley Inn 6:00-10:00 Bring your requests!

August 31  George Sauerbier and I will be Playing out on    the deck @ Cottonwoods Restaurant. Always a good        time

September 2 Jo Mama will be playing the Northstar              Skating Rink 3:00-6:00

September 3 I'll be playing at the BBQ @ Ritz-Carlton
    11:30-2:30  Incredible views and ambiance

September 7 George & I will be playing The Bar Of               America in Downtown Truckee  8:30-11:30

September 8  I'll be playing in the lobby in The Resort @       Squaw Creek  5:00-8:00 Nice laid back gig.

September 14  Bar Of America w/ my friend Steve Dick
      8:30-11:30  It's always a hoot with Steve 

September 15-16  Garwoods w/Steve Dick  8:00-11:00

September 29-30   Jo Mama will be Rockin' the
     Bar Of America  9:30-12:30